Earth Is Almost Over

Such an idea may cross the minds of many as they wake up to unprecedented and unforgiving conditions - natural disasters, human rights violations, political corruption, and hysteria surrounding a global pandemic. Despite these seemingly bleak times, Chicago's B8gie Foo' bears the burden of hope and offers "Earth Is Almost Over", a timely, bluesy spiritual produced by I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. accompanied by the Stimmy Stash™ piggy bank.

But The World Owes Me

B8gie Foo' delivers an optimistic yet unapologetically observant take on current events, emphasizing the thankless experience of systemically impoverished people. What some mistake as an unwarranted sense of entitlement, B8gie Foo' declares is a debt of equality and acknowledgement that has yet to be fulfilled. With the Stimmy Stash™ piggy bank, B8gie encourages steadfast faith and focus, reassuring all that what is truly deserved will be received, even if the earth is almost over.

The world may owe us, but we owe it to ourselves to pay it forward.

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